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Teeny Tiny Baby Shoe Pieces

Teeny Tiny Baby Shoe Pieces

These are all of the pieces from the baby shoes that I purchased at Target and I used as patterns and measurement guides.

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  1. Lois Nitcher says:

    The baby shoes that i always choose are made up from natural leather since it has a better texture and feel. *”;’”

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  2. Hugh Volmink says:

    i always buy baby shoes that are made up of natural cotton and leather because they are comfortable for the baby. ..

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  3. Catarina Lobur says:

    Before babies starts walking, they don’t need shoes. In fact, supportive shoes like hard-soled Mary Janes may actually get in the way of your child’s developing mobility. Socks, booties, and soft-soled baby shoes are useful for warmth, but bare feet are fine, too.`

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