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"Seashell" detail

“Seashell” detail

My husband was the first to refer to the d’orsay heels as “seashells”. My workshop is in our basement, as is our workout area. As he was on the elliptical one day, he saw them from afar on my workbench and wondered where/when I had gotten seashells. Since then, several others that see them marvel at the “seashell” detail. In reality, it is three layers of the pleated ribbon I purchased from Shindu. I wrapped the leather outers with the fabric I received from my wedding dressmaker and then sewed the first layer of ribbon by hand to the fabric already lasted to the d’orsay heel. Then I stretched a second piece of the ribbon over the first layer and hand sewed them together where the champagne mesh ended on the first layer to the top of white satin of the 2nd piece of ribbon. I repeated this step for the third layer, allowing the bottom to remain slightly pleated so as to give the design more depth.

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