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No, I’m not a very good shoemaker … yet

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

I went to Budapest in March for an intensive shoemaking course with Marcell Mrsan, master shoemaker.  In that time I made two pairs of mens dress shoes.  The first one was a standard cemented construction and the second one I learned a new technique:  welt stitch construction.

Budapest was amazing; the course and the instructor were intense.  I bled, blistered, and bruised; I laughed, smiled, and yes, I also cried.  But most importantly, I took a giant leap forward in the pursuit of my dreams.

It takes me time to gain confidence and develop a comfort for new tools (especially really sharp knives and machinery of any sort), I rarely learn something well after only one or even a couple of examples – I learn best after I’ve made all the mistakes one could possibly make, I ask a lot of questions, and I’m really slow.  No, I’m not a very good shoemaker … yet.

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Yellow platforms

Thursday, April 21st, 2011
Yellow platforms

Yellow platforms

This was my first attempt at building up my high heel last to incorporate a new toe shape and adding a platform for a higher heel.  My original intent was to have these shoes completed for New Year’s Eve.  That unfortunately did not happen.

Lessons Learned:

I skived the upper too thin, which is what I think caused the wrinkling in the lasting that I could not correct.  I must have re-lasted these shoes half a dozen times trying to solve the wrinkling problem.

The original design of the eyelets with the snakeskin showing through was supposed to be centered on the top of the vamp.  I did not calculate enough stretch into my design so when I lasted the upper, the design stretched more than I anticipated.  This also happened on the heel.  Next time I will use fiberglass tape to ensure the design does not stretch.

I currently only have one high heel last, which is a pointy toe shape. I wanted more of a round toe for these shoes, so I built up the last with veg-tan around the toe area.  I did not anticipate that with a more rounded toe, my foot would slide more forward therefore causing the shoe to be a half size too big.

I used my sewing machine for these uppers and just need to spend more time practicing on it.

When making dorsays, I need to figure out what method I want to use for blending the vamp and heel to the inner sole so that there is not a dip or a gap when I attach the finished sole.

I really struggle with the finishing touches, especially attaching the sole.  I have tried to pre-cut and finish the sole before cementing to the shoe and I have tried forming the sole to the shoe and cutting it down, then finishing the edges.  It’s just something that I know I need to work on.

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