Lessons Learned

Too little lasting allowance is more frustrating than too much.

Measure 3xs, cut once.

Newer is not always better.

Call it a day when you start getting tired. . . .before irreversible mistakes happen.

Take careful notice of keeping the vamp centered on the Last when lasting the liner to the inner sole.

Skiving the heel counter is very important.

Be careful not to pull too taunt when using stretch materials as a liner. . .it will pull and bunch the non-stretchy material.

Barge should never be ingested in any capacity. . . .aka make sure all traces of barge are off hands before eatting anything.

Fit test, fit test, fit test.

Superior materials are worth the extra cash.

Practice makes perfect.

Master one skill before adding another.

There will be tears. . . . many, many tears.

Machinery is to be respected if you value all your 2000 parts.

Mistakes will happen. . . .the key is learning from them.


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