Into the world of heels


Pair #5 was my first attempt at heels and at using my new sewing machine. . . .new lesson learned – it’s not smart to try something new on a fixed (tight!) time-frame (I was making them for my father’s wedding in two weeks).And again I learned another valuable materials lesson – satin does not play nice.

Heels are *much* more complicated than what I had previously worked with.Did you know that it’s not just the heel that sets off metal detectors?The heel is typically plastic with a steel rod inserted down the middle for support but the inner sole of heels also have a metal shank to keep their form.The inner soles of heels actually keep their form without the support of the heel. Inner sole heel shank

Therefore, I had to drill through the metal shank to affix the heel to the sole of the shoe.Regardless of the many complications I encountered along the way, they still turned out pretty well for my first pair and thankfully held up during the wedding.


Below are some more pictures that I took of these heels in progress:

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