Handmade Colorful Sandals

Handmade colorful sandals just in time for summer!

Handmade Colorful Sandals

I love flip flops and sandals in general so it is only natural that I have all kinds of ideas for different designs.  Many of my designs feature braids of some description.

The 5-braid strap on the yellow and black sandals was fun to construct and the wider strap provides additional comfort. The toe piece is also a narrow traditional 3-braid.

The natural-looking sandals are a leather that was stamped with a basket weave pattern. Initially, I was worried that the pattern would feel uncomfortable on a person’s foot but it’s actually quite nice. There are no sharp indentations on the leather so even though you can feel the basket weave pattern, it is very smooth.  The stamped pattern did provide difficulties when sewing the upper sandal vamp piece as the material was not smooth on the underside.  This caused the material to have a tendency to bunch up and curl when I would attempt to sew the varying groove thicknesses in a straight line.  I am still working on ideas to correct this going forward without adding unnecessary thickness to the piece.

The blue and brown braided flip flops are the same pattern from my previous post about the first flip flops that I made seen here (and still wear ALL the time) but with slight variations to the pattern and the placement of the straps.

These are just a few of my simpler designs.  I am working on many more that include beading, jewels, and/or other fun accessories that add just the right amount of flair.

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7 Responses to “Handmade Colorful Sandals”

  1. I love the yellow one. Because the design is very unique and the colour is very beautiful . The soles of handmade sandals are very comfortable. I look forward your new design, I love tassels, can you add this element to the sandals?

  2. candi says:

    Thanks, the yellow ones are my favorite as well. :)
    Tassels might be a fun addition, thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Salvador Castillo says:

    Wow. Where do you sell them?

  4. candi says:

    I do not sell them … yet, but I was thinking of maybe setting up an Etsy.com account.

  5. Salvador Castillo says:

    Do you make them without the toe wedge? How long those it take to make one?

  6. candi says:

    I have made some designs without the toe wedge, yes. The completion time really depends on the complexity of the pattern, how much stitching is involved (everything is hand-stitched), and how many times I have completed that pattern in the past.

  7. Giselle says:

    This would be awesome to wear this summer and what’s more cool about this is that they are homemade!. :)

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