Not your ordinary everyday espadrilles

Finished Navy/Silver Espadrilles

I’ve had the material for these navy espadrilles for a long time and have wanted to make a pair of wedges since the day I got it.

My first thought was to build up a wedge with veg-tan, but the weight of the multiple layers was heavier than I had envisioned for this shoe.

Then I tried to build up a wedge with some rubber pieces that were left over from an exercise mat that my husband had purchased.  It was much lighter, but the structure was not firm and/or sturdy enough.

I also thought about using cork but in the end decided to experiment a different way.

The interior of the wedge is a standard plastic high heel with the steel rod reinforcement.  I cemented and screwed the plastic heel to the pre-fab inner sole as I normally would with a regular high heel model.  I then molded a thin piece of veg-tan around the heel to create the wedge shape I desired and cemented that piece around a pre-cut sole piece from cork that I designed.  Finally, I wrapped the wedge with the navy espadrille material.

I was originally just going to use a black rubber sole but felt that the design needed a little something more so I wrapped a piece of veg-tan in the metallic silver and then cemented a thin piece of black Vibram rubber to the bottom.

There are definitely some improvements that need to be made to this design, including the choice of the liner (it rubs a little more than expected) and the placements of the straps for a more comfortable fit.  It was also a little tricky getting the braided espadrille layers to fit perfectly without the veg-tan peeking through anywhere and to line up the braids themselves.  My cushioned inner sole piece ended up being slightly bigger than I anticipated after I wrapped the thick gray liner around it so the finished product is slightly too big for me.  Good thing I have enough material for another pair!


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  1. Tomas says:

    Hello, my name is Tomas and I’m writing to you because I have been searching desperatly for a

    supplier of shoe lasts. I would only need 1 pair to start with, as I’m only doing this for

    myself on my spare time.
    I’m located in sweden and was wondering if you know of any suppliers that would deliver?

    Greatful for any leads!


  2. candi says:

    Check out They have both wooden and plastic lasts available.

  3. Tomas says:

    Hi Candi, Thank you for your quick reply. I have been to that website. Unfortunatly they dont seem to have the wooden lasts in my size. Im really a size 46, but even their size 45 is out of stock. Maybe you could point me in another direction? :D

  4. Helen says:

    Hello there, I love your postings, you make me laugh because you look so passionate about what you do, reminds me about myself. Who would have thought that getting a new tool would make someone so happy!! Thats me!!

    Anyhoooo really what i’m writing you to ask is do you know where i can get some precut soles. Let me explain, I live in a little isalnd called Dominca, no not Dominican Republic, I live in the Commonwealth of Dominica, its a place where shoes come to die! I have these cute little boots that the soles just recently gave up and rotted off I guess. The upper part of the boots are canvas and are in excellent condition and would really love to save them but the outer soles are not available here. Is there anywhere u can tell me where i can order outer precut soles. There are some good craftsmen here and i’m sure one of them could attach it for me but there are no soles on the island. Anywhere I can order them?????

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