A lesson in sketching

Confession:  I’ve never considered myself a “creative” person.  I’ve always been good at crafty things that require dexterity of the hands, such as bracelet making, hair braiding, crochet, beading, etc. but I was never even mediocre in sketching, drawing, or painting.  I could always look at a sketch of mine and know that it wasn’t right, but had no idea how to correct it.

In June, I went back to Budapest for a Design and Prototyping course.  I was dreading this course more-so than the shoemaking one, as I was so embarrassed of my attempt at sketching.  A requirement of the course was to submit sketches of your prototype that you wanted to be made.  My original sketches looked like this:

During the course, we had homework every night, and the very first night our assignment was 100 sketches of 4 designs.  That’s 400 sketches for 1 assignment!  It sucked – and those first sketches of mine were horrendous – but after a while my lines became better and my eye for correcting my lines became better.

Now my sketches look more like this:

I still obviously have room to grow, but in a few short weeks I was able to make drastic improvements in my sketching simply by repetitive practice.  I am also planning on taking a Photoshop course so that I can digitally sketch my designs, which will help when working with the manufacturers, but hand sketching is still very important in the initial process, I think.

Lesson learned:  Practice does make perfect.


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