Wholecut loafers

My husband hates taking the time to bend over and tie his shoes in the morning, so he practically lives in his Kenneth Cole Black loafers during the week.  Now that I have taken a pattern-making course, I decided to test my skills on a pair of wholecut loafers for my husband.

My husband has a strange aversion to brown shoes for some reason, so he wasn’t super happy about the tobacco color I had picked.  Of course he didn’t know that I had picked that light color for these shoes as I had purchased some antiquing stains and were going to try my hand on a darker patina for the finished product.

On the first fit test, my design came up too high on the sides and he was not even able to fit his foot through the opening to test the fit; the second fit test was a tad too loose (in full disclosure I also changed Lasts between the first and the second fit test and had to start the taping of the Last and the design all over again).

The final result fit him well, and even though there were some nicks and cuts along the way, I am fairly happy with the outcome of this pair.


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  1. Bob Wood says:

    Hi Candi, computer was hacked and lost all my contacts. Please send me your email address, I have an old one for you but I am sure it has expired. I hope you and Nick are doing well! Email me at revbobwood@me.com God Bless.

  2. Kristen says:

    Candi- I live in the Atlanta area and I’m very interested in shoe making . I do not see contact info on your site .

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